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National Poetry Competition 2019 Winners & Finalists

Note: There may be none or up to 4 winners per category, depending on the standards of entries received.

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19 Years Old & Above Category

"Urumaatram" ("Metamorphosis") - 1st
by Thameem Ansari 

"உருமாற்றம்" ("Metamorphosis") - 2nd
by Chitra Ramesh

"தோற்றமும் மாற்றமும்" ("Life and Change") - 3rd
by Meenatchi Sabapathy

15 to 18 Years Old Category
"இறக்கை மொழியும் மெய்மை" ("The Truth the Wings Speak") - 3rd
by Anjali Elankovan

10 to 14 Years Old Category


19 Years Old & Above Category

"安乐变形记" ("Senang Metamorphosis") - 1st

by Ting Kheng Siong

"雨季不语" ("Silent the Rainy Season")​ - 2nd 

by Li Meiyin

"葬礼上的情书" ("Love Letter at the Funeral") - 3rd

by Shao Xinning
"变态" ("Morphoses") - Merit

by Chua Poh Leng

"妄言祭" - Merit

by Aw Seow Pooi

"沉睡醒来200年后" ("Awake after Two Hundred Years") - Merit

by Lee Yit Seong
"再见十年" ("Bidding Goodbye to Ten Years") - Merit

by Alex Chan

"头顶上一条龙" ("Dragon Overhead") - Merit

by Olivia Chong

15 to 18 Years Old Category

"穿过那条河流" ("Across that River") - 1st

by Zheng Junrui

"翱翔" - 2nd

by Amy Zhao

"还" ("Return") - 3rd

by Lee Wen Long

"粒粒皆辛苦" ("Grain of Rice") - Merit

 by Ng Yuanhui

"血汗泪" ("Tears of Blood and Sweat") - Merit

by Narelle Hor

"梦蝶 · 春秋" ("Dream Butterfly / Spring Autumn") - Merit

by Tristan Lee

10 to 14 Years Old Category

"牡蛎珍珠" ("Pearl of an Oyster") - 1st

by Chloe Lin

"老" ("Old") - 2nd 

by Lovelle Chiu

"因为遇见了你" ("Because of You") - 3rd

by Deryn Tan

"蟑螂" ("Cockroach") - 3rd

by Eng Ting

"舞台" ("The Stage") - Merit

by Renyi Lu 

"受伤后的蜕变" ("Change After Being Hurt") - Merit

by Natalie Sim

"蜡烛" ("Candle") - Merit

by Delphine Lim

"母爱 · 蜕变" - Merit

by Joelle Soh

19 Years Old & Above Category

"Prasasti Sebuah Pura" ("The Stone Inscription") - 1st

by R Azmann

"Dik...Masih Ada Lagikah Pantai Kita" ("LOVE...WILL OUR BEACH REMAINED") - Merit

by Sumadi Sarkawi

15 to 18 Years Old Category

"Penghijrahan" - 1st

by Nurul Aliyah Binte Sureb

"Mata air dan air mata" - 2nd

by Nurzaqirah Nazaruddin

10 to 14 Years Old Category

"Dada Langit" - 1st

by Mohammad Irfan Ezwandy

"Tong Sampah" ("Trash Can / Rubbish Bin") - 2nd

by Muhammad Aqil

"Bakul Kosong" - 3rd

by Ariq Rukyaini

19 Years Old & Above Category

"Skin" - 1st

by Low Kian Seh

"an image as a study of a man and a fly in the camera lucida" - 1st

by Iain Lim

"Invisible Particle" - 3rd

by See Wern Hao

"we have forgotten" - Merit

by Esther Vincent Xueming

"Udaiyaathathu to Papa" - Merit

by Foo Wee San

"Stargazing" - Merit 

by Joel Kenneth Gwee

"Transmogrify" - Merit

by Elancharan Gunasekaran

"From The Sea To His Lovers" - Merit

by Alfonse Chiu

"Ars Poetica" - Merit

by Topaz Winters

15 to 18 Years Old Category

"Kafkaesque" - 1st

by Eunice Sng

"coming of age" - 2nd

by Ananya Ravi

"swan song" - 3rd

by Lai Keng Yu


by Jed Goh Tze Lit

"Mirage"  - Merit

by Bryan Ge Ruoda

"Reflection" - Merit

by Constance Tan Xin Yi

"women without words" - Merit

by Chong Kai Qing

"This House Believes That Every Stage Of Metamorphosis Has Its Shortfalls" - Merit

by Jade Kong

10 to 14 Years Old Category

"Once Upon a Mid-Autumn’s Night" - 1st

by Koon Wei Pheng

"darwin" - 2nd

by Elysia Boon

"The Play of Life (Un)changing" - 3rd

by Joy Huang

"Seeds of Change" - Merit

by Janine Shum

"The Metamorphosis of the Youth" - Merit

by Pranav Rao

"Words Can Bring Them Back" - Merit

by Grace Sen Le Yi

"butterfly" - Merit

by Misha Ghosh

"Blooming Days" - Merit

by Tan Jiayan

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