Open Call for Music and Poetry Performance

In the coming year of 2019, we are expanding our exploration of poetry works in Singapore towards the sphere of music. As such, we are organising a musical event with performances that will incorporate poetry into them. We are inviting singers or bands who will be opened to arranging a performance number that encapsulates the art of music and words. If you are already performing such numbers, feel free to show us your rendition of music and poetry!


Currently, these are the available information that you can take note of:

  1. Tentative location: Annexe Studio @ Esplanade or Rehearsal Studio @ Centre42.

  2. Schedule: TBC 

  3. Each band/group should be expected to present about 5 to 6 pieces of music. (About 30 minutes of performance)

  4. You should be incorporating poems (preferably as lyrics) into your musical performance.

  5. You should preferably work with a local poet if you are unable to create/used existing poems. We can recommend poets to work with you as well.

  6. Existing poems can be published poems (preferably from Singapore) can be English/Chinese/Tamil/Malay poems.

  7. An example of what we are looking for can be seen from 5.00 onwards: (

  8. Example of what we are NOT looking for: (

  9. Music groups will be paid a performance fee.

  10. Open to all based in Singapore.

  11. Genre of music we are looking for - contemporary, pop, jazz as long as you include audible sung lyrics into the music - we are pretty open.


Interested music groups / performers should send a sample of music + poetry work(s) if possible.


Music samples, portfolio and all relevant information are to be submitted to this email -

Feel free to write back to our email for further queries. Otherwise, you can contact Sharon at 94510394 as well.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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