Mr Evan Thumboo
Ms Aaliya Syeda
Ms Amber Choh
Ms Bethan Loh
Ms Sarah Zafirah Bte Noor Ashikin
Mr Zheng Feng Sean Hoh
Ms Cheryl Tan
Ms Kai Ting Teoh
Ms Candace Tan
Ms Zoe Zeng
Ms Grace Foo
Mr Jonathan Chan
Mr Keith Lim
Mr Jerrold Yam
Ms Isabella Ow
Ms Haidee Roiles
Ms Nitya Nedyam
Dr Sara Florian
Mr sajjad parmar
Ms Natalie Mei-Yi Foo
Mrs Alka Balain
Mr Ahmad Md Tahir

- Little soldier boy
- A Mirror's Illusion
- silkworm 
- lady macbeth
- smell
- moving day
- inextricable glitches, and how you learn to live with them
- I think I drank a cup of chamomile tea on the Internet
- relieve the relief to re-live
- between the land of wake and sleep
- Murder on the train
- logbook
- blind stitch
- Witness
- A Silver Lining
- Mariposa (Butterfly)
- Self-Portrait
- Grandparents
- My cave – Prison of Existence
- Passing
- The Imprinted Tome
- Rising Up An Escalator, I Will Make A Transition

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